12 Piece Chocolate Bars Gift Box

12 Piece Chocolate Bars Gift Box 1 12 Piece Chocolate Bars Gift Box 2 12 Piece Chocolate Bars Gift Box 3 12 Piece Chocolate Bars Gift Box 4

Twelve pre-selected handmade white, milk and dark chocolate bars packaged in a beautifully designed vibrant gift box.  A superb present for Christmas, Birthdays or a special Anniversary.


White Chocolate & Apricots

Our beautiful white chocolate enriched with sumptuous sun ripened apricots.

Dark Chocolate & Almonds

Naturally sweet roasted almonds mixed with our delicious 58% dark chocolate.

White Chocolate & Figs

Deliciously sweet chopped Turkish figs combined with our creamy white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate & Macadamia

Chunky roasted macadamia nuts mixed with our luxurious 58% dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate & Hazelnuts

Crunchy whole roasted hazelnuts combined with our 38% milk chocolate - a nutty chocolate classic.

71% Dark Chocolate & Citrus Peels with Caramelised Nuts

Luxurious Belgian dark chocolate mixed with caramelised almonds and cashew nuts, and folded into aromatic citrus peels - a favourite of the chocolatier.

Milk Chocolate & Mix of the Chocolatier

Our smooth milk chocolate mixed with the chocolatier's choice of roasted nuts, coconut and raisins.

71% Dark Chocolate & Ginger

An exotic combination of crystallised ginger pieces mixed with our heavenly 71% Belgian dark chocolate.

White Chocolate & Coconut

A heavenly mix of desiccated coconut and smooth, creamy white chocolate topped with a dark chocolate drizzle.

Milk Chocolate & Rice Bubbles

Delicious milk chocolate blended with crispy rice bubbles - enjoyed by both kids and grown ups alike!

Dark Chocolate & Mexican Chilli

The perfect balance of rich 58% cocoa blended with the warmth of spicy chilli - a classic combination in Central and South America.

71% Belgian Dark Chocolate Solo

Our richest and smoothest 71% dark chocolate originating from Belgium - unadulterated chocolate bliss.

12 Piece Chocolate Bars Gift Box